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Terralogic IT service is expert in handling all IT services the a business needs. We make sure that a business gets exactly what they want out of their IT service. It does this by creating communication channels that go beyond paper and screens.

Since 2008 Terralogic is rendering futuristic technology services for the forward-looking

connected world. Our target centric DNA ensures ahead of the time engineering expertise in

accordance with client roadmap and business needs.

We carry long lasting partnership by fulfilling customer expectations and at the same time

keeping business efficiency sound!

As we hold a personalized and beyond business care for our customers, we keep a keen

eye on real-time problem exactly the way our customers look at them and provide far

fetching solutions at highly optimized cost levels.

Terralogic provides advisory consulting and IT services for Automotives, Communications,

Construction, E-commerce, Gaming, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment,

Retail, Travel & Transportation industries. We make available Board Support Package, OS

porting, driver development for development boards, developing firmware and bootloader for

different platforms, middleware for multimedia package development, verification and

integration with third party software.

We serve 360-degree technology solution, right from product conceptualization to product

maturity in a broad range of technical skills through experts with an acute eye on stability

and boosted productivity.

Terralogic owns a 1000+ of strength and an experienced management syndicate who are

disciplinary best-in- class.

We deliver peerless profits for our customers!


Innovate: It is not about ideas, It is about making those ideas happen. Make your ideas turn

live with us!

Perk Up: Learn from ideas, Know from examples and boost your career to its zenith!

Dream: Dream your life, Work towards it with us and live it to the fullest!

Achieve: Set higher goals, as one is never too spent to achieve more.

Our Super-Techie Bods

Our Tech heroes are in constant endeavor to make the world an easier place to live. A

A perpetual endeavor of ideas, brainstorm, creativity and diligence goes into the smile that

our customers hold.

Achieve your Future

Terralogic puts forward a profuse of prospects to bring up ideas and work towards your

goals. We innovate new ideas, look for challenges and outrun others towards triumph.

Being A Terralogician

We dare to dream, being in Terralogic opportunities are just a step away.

Here achievers are built because we dare to reform yesterday's practices to tomorrow's


Be a part of Terralogic!

As we believe you can help induce magic through technology with your skills.

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